Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers play a critical role in the activities of the Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition. From attending events, monitoring treatment systems, and getting muddy at a wetland planting, the SRWC has a variety of volunteer opportunities available to match your skills, interests, and available time.

Adopt-A-Passive Treatment System

This program provides training and tools to help volunteers inspect, monitor, and maintain specific passive treatment systems within the watershed.  The volunteers become the eyes and ears of the SRWC as the perform inspections and use field kits to conduct water monitoring.  The data collected is then uploaded to Datashed, an online interactive database.  Currently, we are in need of several dedicated volunteers.  Please contact Cliff Denholm at (724) 776-0161 for additional information.

Stream Monitoring

Stream monitoring is our newest volunteer opportunity that uses the latest in monitoring technology.  This program involves volunteers downloading data from sondes, or data loggers, located in various sections of stream in the watershed.  The sondes are capable of collecting water levels and total dissolved solids (TDS) readings every 15 minutes.  Data is downloaded by volunteers on a monthly basis and is uploaded to our website.  Please contact Shaun Busler at (724) 776-0161 for additional information.

SRWC Internship

An SRWC internship is a great way for students to help out the SRWC while also receiving credit, whether it be for college or high school.  The number of hours of the internship is up to the individual.  Tasks can include water monitoring, website updates, construction assistance, grant writing, outreach, data entry, event coordination, and various other tasks that may arise.  If interested, please email us at [email protected].