Mine Land Reclamation

Coal mining has occurred in the Slippery Rock Creek watershed for over 100 years affecting over 8,000 acres in the 27-square mile headwaters area alone.  Prior to the passage of the of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977, mine lands were often left unreclaimed.  Disturbed mine lands prior to the passage of this bill are considered abandoned sites.  The SRWC is actively involved in restoring these scarred landscapes back to productive uses.  The SRWC has extensively used Circulating  Fluid Bed (CFB) coal ash to reclaim nearly 130 acres of refuse piles and open strip mine pits.  Below is a listing of all of the land reclamation projects that have be completed by the SRWC.

Project Name Date Completed Area (Acres)
Sunbeam Tipple 1995 21
Chernicky (Abel-Dreshman) 1998 56
De Sale Phase I 2000 8
Goff Station Gob Pile 2000 2
Brookville Pit 2002 20
Erico Bridge Gob Pile 2002 1
North Liberty 2003 40
De Sale North 2006 21
Total Acres 169

Click here to view a power presentation given at the June 2012 Anthracite Region Independent Power Producer’s Association (ARIPPA) Educational Seminar.  For more information about ARIPPA, please visit their website at http://www.arippa.org/.