The SRWC has, in cooperation with our partners, completed a variety of research and restoration projects.  Click on the project types below for more information.

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Passive Treatment

Over 20 systems have been installed in the watershed to treat abandoned mine discharges.  Each of these treatment systems can be found on for additional information.

 brookville pit (small)Land Reclamation

Nearly 130 acres of abandoned mine lands have been reclaimed in the watershed.  Utilizing Circulating Fluidized Bed coal ash from Scrubgrass Generating Plant has enabled the SRWC to reclaim these mine lands at a low-cost.

streambankStream Restoration

Using natural design principles, streams are stabilized from severe erosion.  Techniques include root wad deflectors, erosion control blankets, live stakes, and stone toe protection.

hobo_dataloggerData Logger

Our newest project involves the use of data loggers to collect water quality data of Slippery Rock Creek and its tributaries.