Due to the enormity and complexity of the problem, a long-term commitment of time and resources was required from people with diverse backgrounds and interests.  The Coalition has been fortunate to have participants and supporters that include the following: 

  • State, Federal, and Local Agencies/Governments – US Department of Energy; US Environmental Protection Agency; Marion, Venango, and Washington Townships; PA Game Comm.; PA Fish and Boat Comm.; PA Dept. Of Environmental Protection, Knox Dist. Mining Office and Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation; PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources; 
  • Academic Institutions – Slippery Rock Univ., Grove City College; Allegheny College; Westminster College;
  • Private Companies – ARMCO; Scrubgrass Generating Co.; Civil & Env,. Consultants, Inc.; Harsco Minerals; Northwest Sanitary Landfill, Inc.; Kerry Coal Co.; Sunbeam Coal Corp.; Amerikohl Mining, Inc.; Shaliston Enterprises, Inc.; C D S Assoc., Inc.; Allegheny Mineral Corp.; Aquascape; Quality Aggregates Inc.; Hedin Environmental; Jesteadt Excavating; Puryear Excavating; BioMost, Inc.; 

In addition, funding has been received not only for installation of passive treatment systems but also for monitoring of aquatic life and streambed sediments by students of Slippery Rock University and Grove City College.  The funding and agencies noted above represent only a portion of the commitment to restore the watershed.