Student Symposium

Every year since 1996, the SRWC has sponsored and organized a symposium for local college students to present their research findings in areas such as soil science, watershed restoration, local environmental education issues, and others. Students are provided the unique opportunity to showcase their work in front of their peers, professors, and potential employers, as area professionals in environmental science fields typically attend the symposiums. Students are given time to network and make new contacts, as well as develop new friendships with students from other colleges and universities who share similar studies.

The goals of the Student Symposium are:

  1. to provide an opportunity for community groups and students to present findings and activities to their peers, the public, and environmental professionals
  2. to promote interaction across all interested in the restoration effort, including public and private entities and the community
  3. to document the degree of success of completed projects by identifying terrestrial and aquatic improvements
  4. to discuss the development of new technology relating to land restoration and discharge abatement
  5. to observe restoration efforts in the field

Local colleges and universities which have participated in Student Symposiums include: Grove City College, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, Thiel College, Westminster College, Gannon University, and Slippery Rock University. The event is held at a local college or university which varies each year, and is organized by volunteers from the Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition, Jennings Environmental Education Center, and Stream Restoration Incorporated.