Stream Restoration

The SRWC has concentrated it’s efforts on AMD; however, as more and more of these sites are treated, the SRWC has begun to focus on other water quality issues, including stream bank erosion.  Numerous residents have come to our meetings citing problems with stream bank erosion.  The first project the SRWC has addressed is the Carney Streambank Restoration Project (see below).  If you know of other areas with erosion problems, please contact us.

Carney Streambank Restoration Project

This project involved the restoration of over 200’ of severely eroding stream bank along Slippery Rock Creek. According to the property owners, between 50’ and 75’ of property had been lost since the installation of a new bridge over West Park Road. A combination of traditional and bioengineering techniques were used to reinforce the bank including grading, stone toe protection, livestakes, brushlayering, rootwad revetments, and rolled erosion control blankets.  To date, there have been no signs of erosion after two high flow events, including Superstorm Sandy.

Thanks to BioMost, Inc. for donating the extra time to complete this project!